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March 18, 2021

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Hans Wittrup is the co-founder of and the idea behind the new healthcare collaboration is to gather actors in the care sector in order accommodate ordinary peoples needs of personal care - when they need it. 

The considerations that led to Medtanken  

Is it possible to combine accessibility, continuity and an ethical perspective at the same time as you are taking care of patients? A healthcare where you as a patient get help quick and where you at the same time can trust the professional healthcareworkes on providing the necessary help and guidens throughout the whole process.  

Omtanke and Medpro, founded by Hans Wittrup, asked this question to themselves. And the final answer turned out to be Medtanken - a fusion of care actors that accommodate your need of personal care when it is needed. 

The idea behind Medtanken is that it is not only an online service. Medtanken provides comprehensive care that includes physical and digital options depending on the patients needs. All of Medtanken's health centers have solid and in-depth experience in healthcare. 

Medtanke is a strong team consisting of doctors, phsycologists, nurses and physiotherapists as well as occupational therapists and they are always ready to provide help. 

As Medtanken is both an online and physical service they can offer you care on weekdays between 6.30 and 20 and on weekends between 9 and 15. Medtanken will always be able to offer patients a follow-up check and sampling as well as treatment at a health center. 

Not like the others 

Medtanken sees online care as a great supplement when patients nedd accessible and quick help. The staff at Medtanken plans the care together with patient and is the need arises, the staff is ready to take patients in on site at all health centers and rehabilitations centers. 

Medtanken is located at the following adresses: 

  • Medpro Clinic Åmål Vårdcentral, Södra Långgatan 3B, 662 30 Åmål
  • Medpro Clinic Brålanda Vårdcentral, Törnrosgatan 14, 464 61 Brålanda
  • Torpa Vårdcentral, Torpavägen 23, 462 36 Vänersborg
  • Medpro Clinic Stavre Health Center, Slättbergsvägen 56, 461 40 Trollhättan
  • Lilla Edet Vårdcentral, Järnvägsgatan 8, 463 30 Lilla Edet
  • Medpro Clinic Noltorp Vårdcentral, Säterigatan 122, 441 55 Alingsås
  • Omtanken Vårdcentral , BVC & Rehab – Järnhälsan, Järntorsgatan 8, 413 01 Göteborg
  • Omtanken Vårdcentral , BVC & Rehab – Majoran, Jaegerdorffsplatsen 3, 414 51 Göteborg
  • Omtanken Vårdcentral Grimmered, Lergöksgatan 2B, 421 50 Västra Frölunda
  • Omtanken Vårdcentral , BVC & Rehab – Frölunda Torg, Frölunda Torg, 421 42 Västra Frölunda
  • Omtanken Vårdcentral , BVC & Rehab – Åby, Katrinebergsgatan 1, 431 61 Mölnda 

Hans Wittrup


Hans Wittrup has a medical degree and is an entrepreneur as well. He is the founder of Medpro Clinic Group and the co-founder of in Sweden.

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